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Martian Watches History

Martian Watches was founded in 2007 to deliver unique personal wireless communication solutions that reshape the way we stay connected to friends, family and the world. Martian designs and creates it’s own innovative products with a team of dedicated engineers who strive to improve the convenience and functionality of Bluetooth products. In addition, its lab has provided engineering, wireless and audio product development services to leading telecommunications industry players. The Martian engineering team has an extensive history in Bluetooth® development, having patented the world’s smallest system-on-chip solution for Bluetooth wireless systems.

In 2010, the Company successfully developed and marketed a new wireless technology platform under the brand Orange Dot Technologies that led to its first product, the SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Device, a two-way voice communication watch. SilverCare won numerous awards for its innovative concept and design, including the Hi-Tech Hardware Innovation Award from Tech America O.C.

In the summer of 2012, Martian Watches designed and developed the world’s first voice command watch for the mobile phone community, and ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund its initial development and receive valuable user feedback. The Martian Voice Command Watch allows smartphone users to keep their phone in a pocket or purse and stay connected by voice from their wrist–making and receiving calls and notifications directly through their watch. It won multiple awards and much recognition for its unique design and voice technology.

In 2014, the Martian Notifier was launched worldwide after a debut at CES 2014 that led to it being chosen as one of only 46 “Editor’s Choice” award winners from USA Today and The Martian Notifier line of smart watches combines the stylish look of a fashion timepiece with the latest in Bluetooth technology to offer “smart” notifications.

Martian’s unique vision is to enable wireless communications in a form factor that is both classic and unexpected, fashionable and easy to wear all day.

Jeffrey Hsieh

CEO, has 20 years of technical and business management experience in the telecom and wireless consumer electronics industries, including executive positions at Jaalaa, Inc., Transilica/Microtune and Widcomm, Inc. (later acquired by Broadcom). His leadership has driven Martian’s business development, branding, and corporate growth.

Stan Kinsey

is a former Disney executive, CEO of two public companies, and founder/CEO of two successful startups. He wears many big hats at Martian Watches including Investor/President/Chief Creative Officer and has been instrumental in guiding the product vision and strategy for Martian.

Headquarters: Irvine, California corporate headquarters and design center; manufacturing facilities in Taiwan.