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What can a Martian do beyond showing the time of day?
Get Notifications Anywhere, Anytime
Did you know that the average person checks their phone 150 times a day? Slash your number of "looks" with Notifications and Alerts. Be notified of text messages, Twitter mentions, and more with a vibration, light flash and scrolling readout. Tap the glass within one minute and your notification reappears!

Finally, Hands-Free Text Messaging While
On the Move
Voice Commands that include “Send text”, “Read text” and “Reply”
allow fast and convenient messaging on the go!*
* Voice to text and text to voice is available on iPhone 4S and above, and some Android phones.
For that 10% of the time when you need to talk hands-free…
Answer a Call
Juggling coffee in one hand and your briefcase in another?
Caller ID alerts you so you know who’s calling. And if you’re
in a quiet environment (office, home, car, etc.), press a button
and start talking from your Martian!
Place a Quick Call
There are more occasions than you may think
when a hands-free Martian call is convenient.
Don't risk a dropped phone or worse when
you're on a ski slope with your cell phone
zipped into a pocket, or rushing to meet a friend.
Send a Memo or a Reminder to Yourself
Just got that idea of the year while driving? No need to
search for pen and paper... just send a quick reminder to yourself by voice.
Use Voice Commands in General
Get the weather, set a timer, hear a sports score, ask directions and many other voice commands are handy
and convenient.
Never Leave Your Phone Behind
With the wireless leash, you’ll never leave your phone in a restaurant again!
Find Your Phone When It’s Near You
Does your phone tend to hide itself in your sofa or under a newspaper. A quick tap on the Martian menu and you’ll hear it calling you (works within about a 10 foot radius of your watch).

Get in the Photo
With camera mode, you can all be in the group photo because you can trigger your phone’s camera shutter from your Martian Watch.