“Life Lived Differently”


Our goal is to simplify the use of technology for our community of Martian hybrid watch enthusiast who appreciate individual expression and a different point of view for their style + tech.


In 2012, Martian launched the world’s first analog smartwatch with Voice command and Voice calling. We were the first to put Siri and Google on the wrist in a smart voice controlled analog watch..
Why? Because we believed that Voice commands from the wrist top while “on the go”, would soon be the most useful technology gateway to benefit our Martian community.
Now, with the merging of A.I assistants (Siri, Google, Amazon Alexa and Cortana), enhanced Voice recognition and Big data, Martian mVoice smartwatches easily allow us to control our smart devices, secure information and order services and products… all while on the go…
Making living easier… more time away from the PC, Pads and phones… more time on the go with family and friends..


Brief History


CES 2013 , Our Martian Voice Command line received significant recognition and won multiple awards, including being named a Best of CES 2013 Finalist for its unique functionality, design and voice technology.
CES 2014, Martian debuted a new smartwatch line, Martian Notifier, which became the only “wearable tech” product to receive the prestigious “Editor’s Choice” award from USA Today and Reviewed.com.
CES 2015 GUESS CONNECT, Powered by Martian was named 2015 CES INNOVATION AWARDS HONOREE
CES 2016 , Martian introduced the worlds first women’s 38, round discreet notification and fitness analog Hybrid smartwatch, Kindred mVip along with new collection of Voice command smartwatches, “mVoice” now enhanced with Alexa.




We are working smarter to develop more products that will make our Martian community lives easier through hybrid technologies and Cloud based services, New smart device and cloud service products will be introduced at CES 2017


We want to thank you for being part of our adventure, as we look forward to continue our mission to enable our world to enjoy a ” Life Lived Differently”