Undoubtedly, aviation smartwatches for pilots are one of the most innovative and valuable products of the digital tech industry. Technology companies are devoting enormous human and financial resources to come up with the most original and competitive watches.

The best smartwatch for pilots is that one that covers their technical needs with accuracy and wich also provides them a casual yet elegant look.

Take a look at the following ones, the most demanded among tech-savvy pilots and decide by yourself wich one could be the best smartwatch for pilots.

The Martian Aviator does not look like an actual “smartwatch” at all. Its face and hands are analogs, with a tiny display discretely embedded on the bottom section of the face.

Overall, Martian Aviator possesses a timeless design, where simplicity rules.

Pilot with a Martian Smartwatch

Quality materials like the anti-scratch mineral glass and the original leather band with stainless steel clasp contribute to the classic look of the watch.

In addition, the Martian Aviator has a metal crown with two buttons on one side and a micro USB port at the other, hidden by a flap.

smartwatch for pilots - martian aviator

Technical Features

Through Bluetooth 4.0 (classic and low energy) it is compatible with iPhone (4S and later), iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets (3.0 and later). It’s battery duration is around 5 days, while the analog watch has a battery that lasts about 2 years.

Smartwatch with a timeless design.


The smart features of the Martian include push notifications from social, sports, and news apps. Notifications show up at the monochrome OLED display.

Moreover, this smartwatch also features silent alarms, placing or accepting calls, voice commands, camera remote control, music control and find lost cell function. Particularly useful for pilots are the digital world clock and the local weather condition display.

To sum it up, the Martian Aviator provides all the needed smart functions for pilots while it is also undeniably a stylish and valuable watch.