Disclaimer: I was sent a Martian Watch to feature in my holiday gift guide.

My poor dear husband has been needing a new watch. I was not sure how he would like the “white” band watch. He has been wearing it everyday to work since he got it. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to set the smart watch up. Once we had it figured out it has been running like a champ.

Let me tell you about this cool watch:
Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch – Retail Packaging – White

Access all of your smartphone’s alerts and notifications instantly on your wrist: The free Martian Notifier App allows three unique levels of “smart notification” support. This is an industry first set of features.

–It first lets you filter the notification types you want sent to the watch, so you receive only those that are most important to you.

–Secondly, it allows customized vibration patterns for each type of alert, letting you know if you’ve just received, for example, an email, text message or news alert without even looking at your watch, let alone your phone.

–Finally, you can recall the most recent message with just a tap of the watch face, or scroll through multiple past notifications for a quick review.

–Not only will you receive standard notifications including Caller ID, texts, Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Email, Calendar, Instagram, Pinterest, you can receive notifications from any app that provides a push notification including favorite games, bank alerts, fitness stats, etc, etc. There are thousands of apps, they have just a few listed here. Get Notifications From 1000s of Apps – No SDK Required!

–You can also initiate voice commands on your smartphone’s speakerphone for uses such as “read text” while you’re on the move.

–Silent alarms, hour repeater, virtual phone leash, find phone, camera shutter control, and more!

TheMartian Notifier is now available at Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Target, Amazon, Meijer’s, AT&T, Future Shop (Canada), etc. See a complete list here.


BY Shannon, Coupon Savings in the South

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