I was given for free a Martian Notifier Smart Watch to provide a product review on.

Now a days a lot of us have smart phones (like me) and it’s amazing with all the apps that you can use on these phones. Martian Notifier Smart Watch allows me to pair up my smart phone to a watch that I can wear that will allow me to get notifications that come through my phone. I really like this as I have a habit of leaving my phone on silence after I get home from work and don’t know how many calls or text messages I miss because of that. But not now, an alert will vibrate my watch and I can see a preview of that call or message scroll through the phone. This is so great as it also gives me piece of mind while I am at work and that message comes through I can take a quick glance to make sure its not an emergency call that I should take right away.

This watch also pushes other notifications to your phone, like Social Media, Fitness, News, Travel, Sports and hundreds of others.

This Martian Watch classic design offers different types of watch models and colorful bands that will fit your own personal style.

Easy to use and setup download Free App for iOS and Android Platforms. These apps allow you to choose the notification you want to receive on your watch and you can customize alert vibration patterns, silent alarms, word clock display, weather display and other watch settings.

Have you ever had a watch like this? I know I haven’t ….. and I know I will get tons of use out of it !!!

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The Martian Notifier is now available at Best Buy, Bloomingdale’s, Target, Amazon, Meijer’s, AT&T, Future Shop (Canada), etc. See a complete list here.


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