The World’s First Voice Command Bluetooth Watch Adds New Features to Expand Usability

Irvine, CA, March 28, 2013 – Martian Watches, a California-based developer of unique personal wireless communication products, including the award-winning, wireless voice-command Martian watches, today announced the availability of its iOS app and a new camera feature on all watch models that will allow the watch to act as a remote shutter control for the phone’s camera.

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iOS Application
The iOS app will allow Martian Watch wearers with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices to receive notifications, including email (iCloud, Gmail, AOL or Yahoo! Mail), Facebook direct messages, Twitter mentions, Calendar event alerts, daily weather forecasts, and a world clock. They will also be able to control watch vibration levels, choose “do not disturb” times, use the watch’s “find phone” feature, and configure many of their watch’s display and alert settings.

Camera Mode
The new camera mode means the phone can be placed in a location for optimal picture taking of the subjects. “Camera mode” is selected from the Martian Watch menu, and a tap of the top button on the watch takes the picture. No longer will users have to ask a stranger to take their picture or extend their arm as far as possible to get in the picture. They can also choose to have a 2-second countdown before the camera snaps, so they have time to move their arm down!

“We’re constantly listening to customer requests for new watch applications, and we’re pleased that the camera feature allows you to collaboratively use your Martian Watch to ensure everyone is included in the shot,” said Jeffrey Hsieh, CEO of Martian Watches. “In addition, our iOS app allows Martian Watch owners to expand the usability with additional notifications and features of the ultimate in hands-free convenience while making a fashion and style statement.”

With the Martian Watch, users are able to leave their iPhone or Android phone in their purse, pocket or bag and still access their phone’s command functions by making use of a noise-cancelling microphone and clear directional speaker located on the watch, including receiving and placing calls, sending voice-to-text messages, listening and responding to text messages, setting calendar notifications and reminders, controlling music, and searching the web.

“The Martian looks very professional. I can’t believe it’s a first generation product,” said Lauren Schmucker, an Early Bird KickStarter. “It works seamlessly with Siri. I’ve been able to use it while driving to receive and send texts without ever looking down at my phone. I’ve used it for a few calls and the audio is very clear.”

In addition to voice commands, the Martian Watch face contains an OLED that displays caller ID or an incoming text (up to 40 characters), along with vibration and LED alerts. With the downloadable Martian App for both Android and iOS, users receive incoming notifications, such as Facebook, Twitter, Weather, and Mail, in addition to trigger vibrations, an LED light flash and scrolling message readout.
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About Martian Watches
Founded in 2007, Martian Watches is an Irvine, California-based developer of unique personal wireless communication solutions that are reshaping how we communicate with friends, family and the world. The Martian engineering team has an extensive history in Bluetooth development, having created the world’s smallest system-on-chip solution for Bluetooth wireless systems. Martian is best known for the award-winning SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Device, a two-way voice communication watch and for developing the world’s first voice command watch.
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