a very discreet companion

Stay connected and aware while enjoying time with family, friends or collegues.

mVip will discreetly receive your VIP alerts from your connected smartphone while it’s nearby, yet tucked away.



It doesn’t look like a smartwatch? 

As one of the first and smallest hybrid smartwatches available with a diameter of only 38mm, mVip is a stylish and sensible woman’s hybrid smartwatch.



5 unique LED colors

that you associate to a person, group of people or to desired apps,

alert you to only who and what you want to know… 

Key Features

Stay connected and on time with mVip’s long lasting dual Batteries.

No Need to Recharge every night…

mVip gets up to 14 Days

of smart feature battery usage per charge

a separate battery for the analog time lasts up to 2 years.

Features and Setup overview with the mVip App

Choose from 1000’s of iOS or Android push notification Apps 

You won’t need to load apps that you already have on your Smartphone again into a Martian mVip, the Martian Smart mVip Alerts app eliminates that hassle and provides you with the ability to use and control any push notification app that you select within your Smartphone, and you can choose from 1000’s.

Vip LED & Vibration Notifications

5 unique LED VIP color alerts 

mVip,  decide who’s important today

a social app alert

Yellow LED Alert – my favorite social notifications


my post is viral!

a text from a friend

Blue LED Alert – It’s Sam..

“he must be late”

emails from clients

Green LED Alert –  If it’s important, you’ll know..


“oops, I should have removed them as a VIP today…

a calendar notification

Red LED Alert – from your calendar reminds

you to be on time


“Client call with … “

a travel alert

Red LED Alert – From your airline or travel site


“that color red works every time” 

an incoming call alert

Pink LED , it’s Sarah


“I think I’ll call her back …” 

Good vibrations

mVip vibrates to alert you to incoming notifications

You feel that? incoming….

LED Says…

Somethings up….

Ah, it’s Sam’s

 Wellness – Step & Sleep Tracking

discreet yet helpful…

mVip’s app tracks your steps, miles and calories progress,

by day, week and month

4 LED Activity colors

Let’s  you know if you’re at 25, 50, 75 or 100% of your goal

midweek and already at 75%!

Set a timer reminder..

Remember to hydrate!

It’s sparkling water !

ah,.What a Work out..

and track your calories

I didn’t eat that much!?

Sleep, see how well your resting

Sleeps an activity too?!

too little, too much?

Sleep, Check your patterns

What are my optimal zones

Looks like I need to get to bed before 11!

Camera control, Phone & Watch leash

other cool features

Take a pic without a stick

controls your phone camera shutter

Frame it, Smile and Press!

now, where is it..

Pull up the app and press the leash to find….

Ah, my Phone, there you are!

where’s my watch?

Pull up the app and press “find watch”

that’s not where I left it!

 the mVip app

get to know the mVip app

Connect & Setup mVip

Quick setup, access and easy to navigate

the mVip app easily walks  you through setup 

mVip hybrid smartwatches are

Compatible with iOS™ 9.0 and Android™ 5.0 and above smartphones.