your personal assistant


amazon alexa


“OK Google”

Martian mVoice analog smartwatch, a fashion hybrid watch compatible with amazon alexa, Siri ® and Google voice assistants.
Access amazon alexa, Siri or Google assistants from your watch.

Access and command

amazon alexa®, Siri® voice recognition software or OK Google®

on the go, from your Wrist

amazon alexa® is included

Use alexa without an Echo® or Dot® because she’s now on Martian mVoice


(no need to have an Echo® or Dot® to access amazon alexa on mVoice)

Siri® and “OK Google” are dependent on your phone

Key Features

Stay connected and on time with mVoice’s long lasting dual Batteries.

No Need to Recharge every night…

mVoice gets up to 5 Days

of smart feature battery usage per charge

a separate battery for the analog time lasts up to 2 years.

Choose from 1000’s of iOS or Android push notification Apps

You won’t need to load apps that you already have on your Smartphone again into a Martian mVoice, the Martian Smart mVoice Alerts app eliminates that hassle and provides you with the ability to use and control any push notification app that you select within your Smartphone, and you can choose from 1000’s.

 Calls & Commands


Just press and say…

Make Or Take Calls

press the top button to initiate a call,

or to answer a call.

press the bottom button to reject a call

Hey boss, what’s up?

Listen & Respond to messages

send voice-to-text SMS and email messages

Press the top button to reply

Got it, I’ll be there in 10

Ask for Directions

press the top button and ask Siri® or “OK Google”

for turn by turn directions 

Guys, please use my Martian

Set reminders or Calendar events

press the top button to set a reminder

alexa, remind me in 30 minutes to leave

Search the web for info

press the top button and ask

“Where’s the nearest top rated sushi restaurant?

Control your smart home devices

press the top button and say

“alexa, goodnight” to initiate a scene that you created to turn off the lights and TV.

Place an order with amazon®

press the top button and say

“alexa, add donuts to my cart” 

Request an Uber® or Lyft®

press the top button and say

“Order an Uber®”

Place an order with Starbucks®

press the top button and say

“alexa, order Starbucks®”

to get yesterdays order

 OLED Notifications

see if it’s that important…

a sport app alert

receive favorite sports app, favorite team alerts

Cub’s 3, Cards 7, bottom of the 8th

a text from a friend

Sarah says…

“What time are you arriving?

emails from clients

if it’s important, you’ll know..

“What time can we conference tomorrow?

a calendar notification

receive alerts from your calendar to remind you to be on time

“Client call with … in 15 minutes”

a travel alert

receive an alert from your airline or travel site

“Departure gate C21 at 11:45 a.m.” 

a medicine reminder

from an app or Martians group solution app

“time to take your…” 

 Vibration and LED Notifications

discreet yet helpful…

Good vibrations

mVoice vibrates to alert you to incoming notifications

You feel that? incoming call

LED Says…

somethings up….

it’s Sam…

 Camera control,Phone Leash & Tap to recall

other cool features

Take a pic without a stick

control your phone’s camera shutter

from your watch

Frame it, Smile and Press!

now, where is it?

pull up the app and press the leash icon to find….

Ah, my Phone, there you are!

what did I miss?

within 5 minutes of a notification 

Tap your watch to read your last message to find out!

 the mVoice app

get to know the mVoice app

Connect & Setup mVoice

Quick setup instructions and easy to navigate

the mVoice app easily walks  you through setup 

alexa is built in

Press the alexa Icon to ask alexa

“alexa, what time is it in London?”

mVoice hybrid smartwatches are

Compatible with iOS™ 9.0 and Android™ 5.0 and above smartphones.