unless he has a collection, give Dad something other than a tie this year. 

Father’s Day is just around the corner! Unless you’re one of the lucky ones whose Dad has been very vocal about something he wants, you’re likely staring at the spot on the calendar, dreading the moment when you hand him an envelope with a gift card. Wouldn’t it be nice to get him something that he doesn’t have to pick out himself for a change? We asked our GeekDad and GeekMom writers what they would give or want to get for Father’s Day and came up with a few suggestions for every type of Dad.

The Techie Dad

Maybe your father is always hunting for new technology, no matter how much he doesn’t need it. Or maybe he just enjoys discovering new things (and then cornering you as he shows you all the features). We’ve got gifts for him too!

martian watch
Martian PT 02: Ain’t she a beauty?

Martian PT 02 mVoice Smartwatch

My chief problem with smartwatches is that I tend to find them… well, hideous. Similarly, my issue with Google Assistant is it just isn’t Amazon’s Alexa, my preferred voice-activated companion. Luckily, Martian Watches has seen fit to fix both these issues in its new mVoice timepiece line. The Martian PT 02, for example, is a gorgeous analog watch with a black resin case, indigo dial with contrasting beige labeling, and a standard 22mm leather strap. Yet it pairs this classic sensibility with a little something extra under the hood. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the PT02 includes a discreet OLED display that can be configured to receive push notifications from all your favorite apps and services, complete with customizable vibration patterns, and a Dick Tracy-esque noise-canceling microphone that allows you to do things like makes calls directly from your wrist. My favorite feature, however, is its Alexa support. With a long press of its top button, I can ask my digital Girl Friday to add items to my shopping list and check my calendar for upcoming events, just like I do at home using my Amazon Echo. And, I’ll reiterate, all this tech is packed into an analog watch I’m not ashamed to wear in public! (Review materials provided by: Martian Watches)

Z. Buy it on Amazon $110.87-$158.87

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