Getting started with mVoice  

Using Voice Commands 

Call Features >

Reply to texts or emails >

Use voice Navigation >

Control your phones music >

Control smart home devices >

Order products & services >

Create notes or To do’s >

Create alarms &  reminders

Set up

Getting started with mVoice

Pairing with IPhones

Pairing with Androids

How to Setup alexa

Using Voice commands


Make a call, take a call, reject a call 

Reply to texts or emails

see how simple and convenient it is to reply to your last text or email

Use voice Navigation

find the nearest gas station, or best nearby burger place

Control your phones music

say play Springsteen, skip a song or play a playllist, or billboards top 10

Control smarthome devices

voice control your smart lights, thermostat, locks or any connected smart device

Ordering products and services

place products in your amazon or whole foods cats, order an Uber or Lyft ride

Create notes or To do’s

it’s so easy to create to create notes or to do’s.. 

Create alarms or reminders

manage your time by simply using your voice to set an alarm or create a reminder