Notifier product support

Notifier FAQ

You just took your Martian Notifier out of the box and it doesn't turn on:

If it doesn’t turn on when you long-press the bottom button, then it needs to be charged for a minimum of 2 hours. Plug it into a computer or wall adapter and the light will turn red to show that it’s charging. When the light turns to green, the battery is full. The battery must be charged to a minimum of 50% before you can pair to your phone.

You just took your Martian Notifier out of the box and the analog watch isn't working

The watch crown is in the “out” position to save battery during shipping. Adjust the time by turning the crown, then press the crown in until you hear a “click”.

You could not find the Martian Notifier app in the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS):

Search “Martian Notifier Watch,” and choose the ORANGE Martian Notifier app. The “Martian Watch Alerts” app is for Martian Voice Command Watches only.

Martian Notifier turns off unprompted

The battery level is too low. Please charge your Martian.

Email doesn't appear on watch until you unlock your phone

Some email clients, such as Gmail, use “Fetch” instead of “Push”, which only fetches email when you unlock your phone or turn on “Show on Lock Screen”.

To turn on “Show on Lock Screen”, go to your phone’s Settings/Notifications/Mail, choose the email from which you want to receive notifications, and turn “Show on Lock Screen” to “ON”. You will need to select either “1, 5 or 10 Recent Items” in order for you to receive notifications as well.

When you unlock your iPhone 5S, you receive old email alerts that you have already received

This is a known issue when touchID is turned to “on”. It has been reported to Apple.

Red battery LED light doesn't turn on when watch is plugged in to charger

Make sure you are using the micro-USB cable that came with your Martian Notifier, as it has a longer connector than most other cables. Confirm that the connector is securely seated in the watch’s port, and the USB adapter is connected to a working power outlet or the USB port of a computer that is charged and turned on.

Watch doesn't reconnect to phone after returning into range

– Verify you are in range by pressing the bottom button to view the status bar – the Bluetooth icon (for iOS) or a double arrow icon (for Android) will appear if the watch is in range of the phone.

Note: Solid obstacles reduce the range of the watch, and some phone cases reduce the phone’s Bluetooth range.

– Check to see if your watch has disconnected from your phone. If so, re-pair the watch to your phone.

You received a text message on your iPhone, but only received a green flashing LED light no vibration or display

You will experience this if the iMessage server is down. Go to Settings/Messages and turn off iMessage, and send yourself a text to see if this resolves the problem. If it does, then you can continue to receive text messages this way until the iMessage server is back online. Check the Apple website for more information about how to check iMessage System Status.

Your Bluetooth 3.0 +HS (high speed) device doesn't work with your Martian Notifier

Your Bluetooth 3.0 device may not be compatible with non-WiFi devices – MARTIAN WATCHES don’t support HS.

You are standing in an open area like a parking lot, or you have your phone in your back pants pocket, and you receive an "out of range" message from your Martian Notifier

Open fields and “body loss” are the two main causes of reduced Bluetooth range between your Martian Notifier and cell phone. If in an open area, move closer to an object such as a car or building, and reception will improve. If your phone is in your back pocket, try turning your phone upside-down, move it to the opposite side, or put it in your front pocket – any of these will likely improve your connection.

Your OLED display isn't displaying a message, but the LED and vibration are alerting you that you have incoming notifications

Plug in your USB cable to the watch, then quickly remove it. This resets the software and should resolve your problem.

When you receive an email, you see the sender's name, subject line, and "Loading"

This is a known iOS issue and has been reported to Apple. We hope this will be fixed in a future iOS update.

You short-press the top button on your Martian Notifier to activate Siri but it doesn't start and you don't see the green blinking light

You cannot initiate Siri while a notification is scrolling on your OLED display. Firmly tap the watch glass to dismiss the notification, then short-press the top button to begin your voice command. 

Activating Siri will not work on Notifier with iOS 10

Your Martian Notifier disconnects every time you get into your car

For most Android phones, only one Bluetooth device is allowed to be connected and fully functional at a time. So it is probably your Bluetooth car kit that automatically connects to your phone as soon as you start up your car, which will also disconnect your Martian Notifier. In cases like this, you will have to choose which Bluetooth device you would like to use.