The recent Samsung Galaxy Gear ad references many Hollywood smartwatches over the years. Here, we’ve rounded up our five favorites, that have inspired us here at Martian in one way or another.


Dick Tracy’s watch has been one of the biggest references used in regards to our watches—and we’re not mad about it. David Pogue (consumer tech writer) even referenced the Martian Watch as such in his NY Times article earlier this year.


We all know Penny from “Inspector Gadget” was the real brains behind the operation. How else would Inspector Gadget have thwarted danger so many times without the help of Penny and her wrist communicator?


If the Hoff approves, we approve. We’re slightly kidding, but only because his smartwatch in Knight Rider was so cool.


90’s kids will appreciate this one! The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers couldn’t have saved the day countless times if it wasn’t for their two-way wrist communicators.


Last but not least, who knew everyone’s favorite space-aged dad actually had a cool-factor? George Jetson and his stylish smartwatch helped keep his family and career in check. Maybe we will ride hover boards someday after all!

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