If you were waiting for summer to put on your fitness shoes then your wait is finally over. Getting your body toned with various exercises and workout routines becomes easier when you are tracking and gauging your healthy workout routines through any means. By keeping the record you can motivate yourself and can devise a more efficient and result oriented routine for your next days.

In an age where we are provided with marvels of technologies like smart watches, you can track your routine on your wrist. There are several fitness apps which are compatible with those fashion smart watches so that you can get your body in shape in most comfortable manner.

There are several fitness routines which can be tracked through a smart watch and we will provide you with their details.


Running is the simplest way to get your body toned because you don’t need specific setting and gear to run. Just put on your joggers and you are good to go for running. However if you are running to get through  with specific amount of cardio exercise or you want to gradually increase your running distance then it’s better to have your smart watch installed with a running app such as Runkeeper which can provide you with certain figures i.e. the distance you run, the time it takes and your heart beat count.

Workout Challenges

In the age of DIY, people often tend to avoid the services of fitness trainers and want to challenge themselves. For all those people there are various workout challenges which are time and exercises based so that one can do it by himself/herself. With smart wearables, it has become more convenient to get on a workout challenge. There are apps provided on smart watches that are fed with various fitness challenges and you can perform them by exploring them on your wrist.


This physical and mental mediation ritual of ancient India has gained very widespread audience in the people who are fitness freak and if you are also open to try out something new to get into the shape then you must try yoga. If you are thinking that you have to go to some yoga center for that then there is good news for you. The fashion smart watch you wear to make a fashion statement can also become your yoga guide. There is an app which can become your assistant in performing various yoga positions. It provides you with visual guide and for how long one has to be in specific yoga asanas.

Dietary measures

Any fitness goal can’t be achieved only through customized physical activities and should be complemented with healthy diet plans. There are apps like Lifesum on smart watches that can help you in keeping up the track of your calorie intake and daily water consumption.

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